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Selling jewellery can be a difficult and time-consuming process. However here at We Buy Jewellery, we offer a simple and convenient way to sell your jewellery. Saving you time and effort


A fast, secure and easy way to sell your jewellery in three simple steps.

Get An Estimate.



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Get An Estimate.

Simply upload a couple of photos and a description of your jewellery. We will respond to you with an estimate

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Post / Collection.

Have FedEx couriers collect your jewellery free of charge, anywhere across the UK and Ireland. Your goods are fully insured and traceable. For items of a lower value, simply send them by registered post.

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Payment Within 24hr.

Once you accept our offer, payment will be made to you on the same day. Our normal payment method is by bank transfer or PayPal.

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  • I sold two antique rings, which my aunt had left me. They were not the type of rings which I would ware. So I preferred to have the cash. I was very happy with the price I was offerred. Compared with the prices I was offerred from the  cash for gold companies. The service was also very professional. I only had to deal with one person, who was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend to a friend.–Sharon, from London.

  • Before I contacted Matt Lacy. I approached a number of buyers. When I was trying to sell my pearl necklace and amethyst bracelet. All of these buyers said they where not interested in pearls or gemstones. They just wanted scrap gold. I was delighted when Matt said he would buy pearls and gemstones. And I received a fair price.–Paul, from Wolverhampton.

  • I sold we-buy-jewellery.com  a pair of diamond earrings. They were a pleasure to deal with. They always answered my emails quickly. And I got paid straight away into my paypal account. They arranged everything for me and the couriers picked up the earrings from my house. I would highly recommend.–Mary, from Dublin.




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