For a jewellery valuation, the more details you can send. The more accurate an estimate we can give. So please try to include as much of the following list as possible :

  • Photographs – as clear as possible.
  • Age of the item and history if known.
  • Type of metal and karat if know.
  • Type of gemstone and carat weight.
  • Diamonds – carat weight, colour, clarity and cut.
  • Is the item hallmarked and/or signed?
  • The condition of the item – please give details.
  • Copies of any certs, if available.

Uploading Photos.

If you experience problems uploading a photo or if your message is slow to send. The chances are that your photo (file) is too large and or your internet connection is poor. If your message does not send. Please contact us directly by using our contact form.

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Jewellery Valuation.

Jewellery ValuationJewellery valuation is the first step in our three-stage process. We have a team of expert valuers. Who have an in-depth knowledge of the antique jewellery market. We value each item of jewellery individually. Taking into account the age, condition, intrinsic value and desirability of the item. In the case of diamond jewellery, each diamond is measured, weight and graded individually. To ensure that we can always offer you the highest price possible. Our team of specialist valuers are available to provide you with a free estimate or to answer any questions which you may have. We purchase single items of jewellery as well as entire collections. If you have a particularly large or valuable collection. We can arrange to have it valued at your home, or a place of your choosing. So please feel free to contact us with your requirements.