Secondhand Modern Jewellery.

Vintage and Antique jewellery is worth a lot more than the metal or precious stones which it contains. This however is generally not the case with most secondhand modern jewellery. The value of modern jewellery is normally determined by the size of the diamonds. Or gemstones which it contains. If the diamonds or precious stones are particularly small ( especially in rings ). Then these items of jewellery are normally valued at scrap gold prices. Smaller diamonds would however be more acceptable in jewellery such as earrings. For jewellery containing diamonds over 0.75 carat in a single stone , we pay a premium price. We also pay a premium price for diamond or gemstone jewellery which is accompanied by a lab cert.


Retail Price versus Resale Price.

The retail price of modern jewellery includes a lot more than the intrinsic value of the item. For example a high st. jeweler will include rent & rates, staff costs, overheads, marketing and profit margin in the retail price. These costs can greatly increase the original wholesale price. The condition of modern jewellery will also impact on the resale price. Where as with vintage or antique jewellery. It would be normal to see slight signs of wear, without affecting the price. The other factor which affects the resale price. Is that most people like to buy their jewellery new in a high st. shop. This is particularly the case with engagement rings.


Valuation Cert Versus Resale Price.

A jewellery valuation cert, sometimes called a retail replacement value (rrv). Shows the retail price of replacing a new, near identical item of jewellery. As outlined above this retail price includes all the costs involved in producing and selling item of jewellery. The price on a cert does not reflect the resale price of secondhand jewellery. A jewellery cert is normally used for insurance purposes. If your jewellery is accompanied by a Lab cert, we will pay a premium price for that jewellery.


What Is Your Modern Jewellery Worth ?.

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