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This gallery will give you an idea of the type of  jewellery we buy. Along with the intrinsic value of an item, we look at the style and desirability of an item. We pay a premium price for diamond jewellery which is accompanied by a lab cert. We also pay a premium price for items that are in perfect condition.


Where To Sell Jewellery In The Uk And Ireland ?.

When you decide to sell jewellery. Choosing a reputable jewellery buyer is the first and most important step in the selling process. This can often be a daunting task, with an endless list of dealers claiming to pay the highest price. To sell jewellery successfully requires specialist knowledge of the jewellery market. Which the majority of dealers do not have, with most just dealing with scrap gold. Here at We-Buy-Jewellery.com , we have the expertise to asses, grade and value any type of jewellery. From modern jewellery to antique or from diamond jewellery to loose diamonds. We offer a professional service, whereby you can sell your jewellery quickly but securely.While at the same time getting the best price possible. Our simple three step process allows you to get an estimate online before you send your items. After you have received an estimate, we will arrange to have your jewellery collected free of charge by FedEx anywhere across the UK or Ireland. Once we have inspected your jewellery, an offer will be made to you on the same day. If you accept our offer, payment will be made to you within one working day. Our normal payment method is by bank transfer or PayPal. So get a quotation today and turn your jewellery into cash.


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