Selling Broken Jewellery – Purity.

A lot of our customers earn extra cash. When they are selling jewellery to us, by including their broken or damaged jewellery. The first step in determining the value of broken jewellery. Is to calculate the purity of your gold :

  • 24 karat gold  – is 99.99% pure.
  • 18 karat gold  – is 75%    pure.
  • 9 karat gold  –  is 37.50% pure.

24 karat gold is relatively soft and so most jewellery is made from 18 or 9 karat. The purity of an item of gold jewellery can normally be determined by inspecting the hallmark. If you know the exact karat and weight of your gold. We can quote you a fixed price online ( no estimates ). Along with gold we accept platinum and silver in any condition.


We Accept

  • Gold, Platinum & Silver.
  • Damaged, Broken or Unwanted Old Jewellery.
  • Old Gold Watches & Gold Coins.
  • Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets & Brooches.
  • Old Gold & Tangled Jewellery.
  • Gold Bullion.

Jewellery Containing Gemstones.

When selling broken jewellery to us here at We-Buy-Jewellery. We do not purchase any gemstones below 2.5 carat, which the broken jewellery may contain. We do however buy diamonds, for more information please see our selling diamonds guide. When we receive broken jewellery containing gemstones. We will estimate the weight of the metal and send you an estimate. Once you are happy with our estimate and wish to continue. We will remove the stones, weight the item and send you payment within one working day. If you have not removed the gemstones before sending us your jewellery. We will remove them for you and you may request that they are returned to you. Selling broken jewellery has never been so easy. So contact us today and turn your unwanted jewellery into cash.


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