Selling Diamonds / Diamond Jewellery.

We make the process of selling diamonds as simple as possible. In three simple steps, you can turn your diamonds into cash. Here at We-Buy-Jewellery, we purchase individual diamonds and diamond jewellery. We have the specialist knowledge required to both buy diamonds and to sell them on the international market. We are currently looking to purchase individual diamonds of 1ct or greater. For diamond jewellery which contains a diamond of 1ct or greater, we will pay a premium price. If your individual diamond or diamond jewellery is accompanied by a GIA cert. We can quote you a fixed price online ( no estimates ). When purchasing diamond jewellery. We purchase it as an entire piece, including the setting. We measure, grade and calculate the weight of each stone individually. We then calculate the exact weight of the setting. To ensure we can always offer you the highest price. These measurements and calculations are carried out. Without removing the stones from their settings. So your jewellery can always be returned to you in it`s original condition.


How Diamonds Are Valued.

When selling diamonds, one of the first steps is to have it graded. The main features of a diamond are included in the 4 C s. Which are carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. If you diamonds are accompanied by a lab cert. The 4 Cs will have been established by a qualified gemologist. Diamond grading is more of an art than a science and in the end is basically the opinion of the skilled gemologist. For this reason we will only accept lab certs from GIA, IGI, EGL-USA and AGS. These gemological laboratories are impartial and independent. If your diamonds are not accompanied by a lab cert. Our qualified gemologist will grade your diamonds. After which an actual offer will be made to you. We trade on the diamond markets regularly, so we are always in a position to offer you the very best price for your diamonds.

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