Selling Jewellery Online Quickly & Securely.


Step 1 – Get An Estimate.

PHOTOS : Try to have your photos as clear as possible. With jewellery it sometimes helps to photograph the item beside a window or in natural light.If you experience problems uploading a photo or if your message is slow to send. The chances are that your photo (file) is too large or your internet connection is poor. If your message does not send, please contact us directly on our contact form.

DETAILS: The more information you can send, the more accurate an estimate we can give. So please include as much of the following list as possible :

  • Photographs – as clear as possible.
  • Age of the item and history if know.
  • Condition of the item – please give details.
  • Type of metal and karat if know.
  • Type of gemstone and carat size.
  • Diamonds – carat size, colour, clarity & cut.
  • Is the item hallmarked and / or signed.
  • Copies of any certs, if available.
selling process

OUR RESPONSE: Once we receive your message, we will respond with an estimate of what we would be willing to pay for your jewellery.


Step 2 – Secure Collection.

secure collectionCOLLECTION: After you have received an estimate and you are happy to proceed. We will arrange for FedEx couriers to collect your jewellery at your home. Or a convenient place of your choosing. This collection service is free of charge and is available anywhere across the UK and Ireland. After the arrangements have been made with FedEx. We will email you a shipping label. Which will contain all the information needed by the FedEx courier when they arrive to collect. This label will also contain a tracking number.

TRACEABLE : All of your goods are fully insured and are traceable online using the FedEx tracking number. Once your jewellery has been collected. It is normally delivered to us within 24 hours, where we will inspect it on the same day. After your items are inspected, we will then make you an actual offer.

ENTIRE COLLECTIONS / HIGH-VALUE ITEMS: For entire collections or particularly valuable items, one of our reps will meet with you at your home or convenient place of your choosing.

LOWER VALUE ITEMS : Generally all of our collections are carried out by FedEx. However for items of a lower value, we require them to be posted to us. Due to the cost of FedEx in relation to the items value.

RETURNS : In the event that you do not accept our offer. Your jewellery will be returned to you within one working day, of you declining our offer. Items will be returned by the same method as they were collected or delivered.


Step 3 – Payment.

OFFER : All items are inspect and verified by our qualified jewelers on the same day they are delivered. Once your jewellery is verified to be genuine, an actual offer is then made.

ACCEPTED : After you have accepted our offer and you are happy to proceed. Payment will be made on the same day that you have accepted.

PAYMENT : Our normal payment method is by standard bank transfer. This transfer normally takes 2 / 3 working days, but can take up to 5 working days. For payment to reach your account. We do offer an urgent bank transfer, which will have payment in your account within 24 hours. There is however a charge of €7 for this service. Alternatively we can make the payment directly into your PayPal account. This payment method is almost instantaneous, see PayPal for receiver fees.


Get An Estimate.